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6M.7.DEMO: Core metadata access for MODs data



Provide compact identifiers for Model Organism Databases (MODs) data that will resolve to a MODs landing page with user-readable core metadata and JSON-LD. This includes both the API to get the core metadata fields and the JSON-LD in every equivalent endpoint. This work is to be done in collaboration with Data stewards/MODS.

What they achieved

The team provided a metadata API and a link that produces user readable metadata. Unfortunately the link to the documentation to the metadata API was not working so that the API could not tested.

Why is this valuable?

Data provided by the Data Stewards needs needs both metadata and underlying data to be available. Providing compact identifiers for the MOD resources that resolve to JSON-LD (containing the url of the MODs landing page) and providing core metadata in a consistent schema helps move forward these Major Objectives: 1) Identifiers for data: Interoperable global unique identifier system for digital objects and 3) Findability: Search and indexing of digital objects and data sets.