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6M.4.DEMO: STRETCH: Data Analysis: Share and retrieve analysis results across stacks (2 stacks)



Demonstrate the ability to share and retrieve analysis results across two different stacks. This will allow users to share data between and retrieve analysis results from and across Full Stacks enabling the ability to perform cross-compute across the Full Stacks.

What they achieved

Helium: The team provided the CommonShareAPI “DOS API” which gets a data object in a json format and lists objects based on query parameters as well as a DOS API which uses a docker container to enable a base image for connecting to the Helium Stack (WebDav Irods and Toil) and to run a Jupyter image and/or connect to the WES to run a CWL workflow.

Xenon: This team provided a video on sharing and retrieving data files using GUIDs on the FAIR4CURES platform web-based platform. The video includes a short overview and a demonstration that covers how to "publish" an object by registering a GUID and how to search for FAIR data by filtering for only data with a GUID. The video also shows cross-talk between search engines from Xenon partners Repositive and Seven Bridges

Why is this valuable?

One of the major objectives of the Data Commons is stacks that are interoperable and work across multiple cloud platforms. Being able to exchange data and analysis results from between stacks is an important step in interoperability. Designing tools that allow data exchange and analysis workflow use is based on the expectation that different stacks will have different strengths and capabilities and being able to take results from one stack and use them in another stack will garner results that would not have been possible within just one stack.