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6M.12.PRODUCT: Stage 1 Metadata Instance

Argon and Phosphorus


This is an early version implementation of the cross-cut metadata model which can be used by the full stacks. The metadata model specifies how the various metadata will be transformed into a uniform representation, whereas the metadata instance is the transformed representation itself.

What they achieved

This instance provides the harmonzied metadata for TOPMed, GTEx and AGR. It is a set of files that can be downloaded by the Full Stacks and 'installed' as a utility to combine metadata across these data sets.

Why is this valuable?

One of the core requirements for searching across multiple data sets and multiple repositories is a knowledge of how variables map to one another. If ‘weight’ is adult weight (kg) in one data repository, adult weight (lbs) in another, but refers to birthweight in a third, any researcher using these datasets could bias their analysis by using them as the same variable. A clear metadata model tells the computer which variables can be pooled across repositories, and what, if any, transformations that data might need. This instance describes how to combine these types of variables across hundreds of studies.