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5M.5.PRODUCT: Draft External User Engagement Plan



Provide a high level description of a plan for training, outreach, and community engagement. The document describes an outline for building and ambassador led program capable of contributing to the growth and maintenance of the Data Commons.

What they achieved

Copper delivered a plan to create and grow a training program that will first engage with relatively expert potential users, identify ambassadors among those users, and then help ambassadors organize and run local training events. The key to this program lies in building a training cadre of invested junior researchers who see the Data Commons as part of their path forward into data science and biomedical research.

The core plan centers around building a training program on the model of the Carpentries (formerly Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry), a global training organization that runs short courses for active researchers.

Why is this valuable?

No software survives first contact with users unscathed, and the NIH Data Commons will not be an exception. For that reason, it is critical to engage with users early on, and encourage sustained engagement and feedback.

One of the main returns from this training program would be a steady stream of feedback, bug reports and user enhancement requests that will help grow the Data Commons to meet user needs.