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5M.1.FULLSTACKS: Incorporate KC Standards


Provide a monthly update of how the Full Stacks currently are incorporating the standards and suggestions developed by the Key Capability (KC) teams. In general, implementing the KC standards is one of the major objectives of the Full Stacks. This deliverable provides a monthly check-in point for KC teams and other interested parties to see how the Full Stacks are implementing the standards and suggestions developed.

What they achieved

Calcium: Provided a slide deck that highlighted work they have been doing to incorporate KC standards including working to help integrate data GUIDs into ORS (Object Registration Service) (KC2), refining GA4GH DOS spec (KC3), proving input into RFC establishing auth methods (KC6), and working to provide Calcium Gen3 crosscut metadata for GTEx and TOPMed (KC7)

Xenon: Also in the Calcium slide deck, Xenon highlighted their KC standards work. The Xenon work included preparing to load data GUIDs for GTEx WGS files into FAIR4CURES platform (KC2), implementing the GA4GH TRS API and scoping for implementation of the GA4GH DOS API (KC3), reviewing the Crosscut Metadata Model, sharing the Seven Bridges GTEx metadata model with Crosscut Metadata Model subgroup and preparing to the MOD and TOPMed metadata models, and incorporated Crosscut Metadata Model in the Repositive Discover platform for TOPMed and GTEx (KC7)

Helium: Provided a list of the relevant work they have been doing to incorporate KC standards including starting to integrate the Helium stack web portal CommonsShare with FairShake (KC1), incorporating the GUID cloud service developed by Sodium (KC2), importing the i2b2-TranSMART appliance developed by Carbon, working on standardization of logging of data operations (KC6), and exploring how to ingest the cross-cut data model of Phosphorus and Argon (KC7) to support use cases.

Why is this valuable?

The Data Commons will require many policy and technology choices around interoperability, data access, functionality, and implementation. The KC teams define standards and conventions in these areas. These standards and conventions are to be implemented in Full Stacks of software components and provided as a service. This deliverable tracks how the Full Stacks currently are implementing the agreed upon standards and conventions.