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4M.3.FULLSTACKS: Pilot Users Onboarded


This process gave the end-users the ability to interact with controlled access data which requires a vetting process. As the Full Stacks had not yet developed their systems enough to confirm that a given individual from outside the Consortium should be given access, only Project Managers from the Consortium were used as pilot users. This deliverable was an in-person meeting wherein each Full Stack gave end-user privileges to a number of Project Managers from other teams, and gave the Full Stacks a method to test the onboarding of new users.

What they achieved

Once a pilot user was given log-in credentials, they could complete a variety of tasks which are specific to the Full Stack environment. These tasks include logging in, searching data and running an example workflow. Each Full Stack team was successful in onboarding several users.

Why is this valuable?

For the Data Commons to succeed, it will have to be open to new users. Ensuring that users who are not developers on a Full Stack team can access and use their workflows is a first step toward providing Full Stack resources to the larger community.