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4M.1.DEMO: Automatically Generated Jupyter Notebook Reports for RNA-seq Data Analysis



Demonstrate to Data Providers, Full Stacks and Scientists how they can start to automatically produce customized, reusable, and interactive reports from raw or processed RNA-seq data using BioJupies

What they achieved

This is a beautiful demonstration of the BioJupies web application which allows users to rapidly generate customized Jupyter Notebooks from raw or processed RNA-seq data through a user interface. No knowledge of programming is required. BioJupies generates Jupyter Notebooks online, stored in the cloud, and displayed through a public URL. Without downloading anything, the user can explore gene expression tables and figures for thousands of gene expression datasets.

Why is this valuable?

One of the goals of the Data Commons is to democratize access to biomedical dataset, so researchers with any level of funding can pursue biomedical research questions. This tool demonstrates the vision of how web applications backed by Full Stacks accessing data from Data Providers can provide a user-friendly, easily accessible way for scientists to start analyzing big data; even if they don't know how to code. This tool dramatically accelerates the speed at which scientists can analyze large datasets in completely cloud-based workflow without downloading any data.