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3M.5.FULLSTACKS: Test User Logon, Access Data, Execute Workflow





These demonstrate the ability to access and search data as well as execute a workflow on the Full Stacks. Specifically, they show how a test user can log into a Full Stack, search for specific TOPMed and/or GTEx and/or MOD data, choose a workflow, and execute that workflow on the selected data. The results from the workflow are then available in the user’s private workspace.

What they achieved

Although each stack has a unique interface and workspaces with varying features, they all demonstrated that they can support a user to logging in, performing a faceted search and creating a workspace to perform analysis on GTEx data using the Topmed RNA-Seq workflow.

Why is this valuable?

One of the core goals of the Data Commons is having multiple robust and sustainable software stacks implementing Commons standards. These stacks must be able to access and work with data provided by the Data Stewards and be able to support common workflows in the community. This deliverable is a important step in showing that the stacks can access and search the data in the Data Commons and run workflows relevant to the research community.