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3M.4.DEMO: Analysis and Training: Web Interface to Access Tools/Sample Code



This video visualizes the Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease use case and demonstrates how a researcher can access and analyze genomic and phenotypic data in a collaborative analysis environment.

What they achieved

A user interface that provides researchers the ability to access JupyterHub/R notebooks to conduct analyses and to find example sample code to assist with developing analyses. An approved user can use their eRA and ORCID commons credentials to login to this user interface using authentication by a secure OAuth2 based framework. The sample code highlighted uses the COPDGene study as the driving example.

Why is this valuable?

The Data Commons hopes to provide an ecosystem of data, tools and resources such that a user can use our platform for their entire computational experiment. This video is a compelling example of a type of workflow and application that can be supported by Full Stacks, and what analyses the DCPPC might support.