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3M.3.DEMO: GUID Object Resolution & Multi-cloud Platform Landing Service for GTEx Data



This service is a mechanism for data providers and researchers to assign globally unique identifiers (GUIDs) to data and other digital objects. Each GUID will be uniquely associated with the core metadata of it's object, and will resolve to a webpage that can be shared with collaborators who can then download the related data and metadata from the cloud. This service will also allow researchers to make semi-permanent GUIDs called ARKs (Archival Resource Keys) to register computational results.

What they achieved

This deliverable provides a "real-world" scenario example in the form a Jupyter notebook and demo video. These resources show how to use a GUID to download GTex data and metadata, and use it to perform an analysis to find eQTLs associated with a particular variant ID. The demo ended with the minting of an ARK to register the computational results.

Why is this valuable?

Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) are necessary to insure that data is FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) in the Data Commons infrastructure. The demo video clearly shows the utility of GUIDs for tracking both the dataset and results of analyses, and is an example of the kind of ease of use the Commons would like to bring to researchers.