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3M.2.DEMO: FAIRness Assessment

Helium and Nitrogen


Demonstrate how to perform manual FAIR assessment of datasets, tools and analysis pipelines using various platforms. These tools give data providers, researchers, and Full Stacks a way to test their datasets, apps and analyses to ensure FAIRness. More specifically, this demo was meant to illustrate a prototype initial solution to generate ideas for the future joint product developed for conducting manual FAIR assessments.

What they achieved

Helium built an API that allows the Full Stacks to expose relevant data specifically for the purpose of enabling automated FAIR assessments. They included a demo video (above), a website, and a GitHub repo that are used to demonstrate and test the API. Nitrogen presented Datasets2Tools, a repository and search engine for bioinformatics digital objects. The demo contains a brief introduction about the Datasets2Tools project and a step-by-step tutorial on how Datasets2Tools can be used to evaluate the FAIRness of three types of digital objects.

Why is this valuable?

Making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable is one of the core goals of the Data Commons, and these tools give us a way to access how close we are to those ideals. Although manual FAIRness assessments are useful, they are time-consuming and error prone. Development of APIs that can automatically complete these assessments will be necessary as the Commons expands and begins to take on thousands of data sets.