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2M.1.PRODUCT: Draft DCPPC Website for Community Engagement



A draft website that can be accessed by the public to learn more about the DCPPC. It hosts general information about the DCPPC, engage the community and allow possible future members or members of the general public to understand what the DCPPC is, why it is important, and why they might want to participate.

What they achieved

This is a first draft, and as such provides a general “outline” for the website. It has a nice front page overview of the consortium, simple navigation, and a visually appealing polished design as well as placeholders for future content.

Why is this valuable?

The Commons is a publicly funded project, so it is important for the public to know why it exists and what it does. This website will also be useful for growing our community, as possible members (future full stacks, data providers, scientists, researchers) can use this site to learn about the Commons, its goals, and how to join.