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2M.1.FULLSTACKS: TopMed Workflow(s) Registered on Public Site


The stacks demonstrated that they could replicate an existing TopMed RNAseq pipeline. The workflow for the pipeline was also registered on a public site, so anyone can use the new code.

What they achieved

Teams wrote workflows in either Common Workflow Language (CWL) or Workflow Description Language (WDL), that replicated an existing TopMed RNAseq pipeline. Users can launch the workflow to process the provided data sample, as well as generate configuration files, download and inspect input data, intermediate data, and workflow outputs.

Why is this valuable?

This has 3 main values: 1) Demonstrating that all Stacks can run a comparable workflow on TopMed data 2) Initial steps for the public sharing of workflows toward a goal of FAIR use of workflows/pipelines and 3) Initial steps towards automating data input and export in a FAIR way. FAIR workflows and data are crucial for interoperability between the stacks and for general usability for users outside the stack teams.