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2M.1.DEMO: Uploads and Minting



Code and walkthrough instructions to create an abridged bag that uses MinIDs (Minimal Viable Identifier) instead of regular URLs to reference payload files. In addition to this main code, the deliverable provides some initial code to orient the users by introducing them to bdbags (Big Data Bags) and MinIDs.

What they achieved

Users are able to create bdbags that use minids to reference payload files hosted in cloud storage.

Why is this valuable?

A MinID is a (semi-) persistent Globally Unique Identifiers (GUID) and GUIDs are necessary to ensure that data is FAIR in the Data Commons infrastructure. MinIDs are used to provide persistent (and verifiable) names for files and collections and their associated metadata. Bdbags (Big Data Bags) provide a simple and robust method for describing data collections that can be used in conjunction with MinIDs. One can use MinIDs to provide information about the data inside the bdbag. Using MinIDs and bdbags together, users can uniquely reference and locate data. They can also share and exchange names (rather than the entire contents of a dataset) which is faster and easier, and also ensures that the contents of the dataset remain unchanged.