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1M.2.PRODUCT: An API Registry for the Definition and Discovery of APIs

Coordinated by Carbon


This is a document that lists all the APIs currently used in the Data Commons, and explains how to register new APIs as they are added. It is intended to give API developers a way to disseminate their APIs within the Commons, and to allow teams to see what APIs are currently being used by others in the Commons

What they achieved

A public website where individuals can visit the API Registry, search for APIs used within the commons, and register new ones.

Why is this valuable?

One of the goals of the Data Commons is to allow interoperability between stacks, so that users can freely move within the Data Commons ecosystem. By having a shared list of APIs, developers in the Data Commons can check to see how whether a given API is already being used, and perhaps search for and replace a proposed new API with one that has a similar functionality that has already been adopted. Developers can also make their novel API available across the consortium.