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1M.1.DEMO: Searching: Web Interface to search subsets of curated phenotypic/clinical data

Calcium and Carbon


Calcium and Carbon each built a web interface that can use arbitrarily complex search term sets to find datasets that fit specific use cases. Only Carbon’s automatically shows metadata plots as cohorts are selected, but both have integration with an analysis workspace. These demos were designed to show that data from different datasets can be searched simultaneously and used in a single analysis without the user needing to cross-reference them.

What they achieved

Both teams used curated datasets as test cases to show that they could perform searches and analysis on multiple datasets as one cohort. Calcium’s platform does not seem to be accessible to non-Calcium members, however Carbons platform is accessible by anyone who is confirmed to be on the whitelist.

Why is this valuable?

One of the core goals of the commons is to make data accessible to a qualified user, regardless of where that data is stored and what metadata structure it has. These early searches demonstrate that cross-dataset queries can work in controlled circumstances, which is the first step in building an interface that can access arbitrarily complex ‘real’ datasets.