Overview of Deliverables

Product/Demo He Xe Ar C N O Ca P Cu Na H
1M.1.DEMO: Searching: Web Interface to search subsets of curated phenotypic/clinical data X X X
1M.1.FULLSTACKS: Common IDs and Minimal Metadata Agreement X X
1M.2.PRODUCT: An API Registry for the definition and discovery of APIs X
2M.1.DEMO: Uploads and Minting X
2M.1.FULLSTACKS: TopMed Workflow(s) registered on Public Site X X X X
2M.1.PRODUCT: Draft DCPPC website for community engagement X X
2M.2.PRODUCT: GUIDs Core Metadata X X X X X
3M.1.DEMO: Searching: Search representative metadata across catalogs and data storage endpoints using a pilot UI and resolving to data on the cloud X X X X X
3M.2.DEMO: FAIRness assessment X X
3M.3.DEMO: GUID Object Resolution & Multi-cloud platform landing service for GTEx data X
3M.4.DEMO:Analysis And Training: Web I/F to access tools/sample code X
3M.4.FULLSTACKS: Incorporate KC Standards M3 X X X X
3M.5.FULLSTACKS: Test user logon; access data; execute workflow X X X X
3M.6.FULLSTACKS: Draft of Ethics Security and Privacy Policy Council X X
3M.1.PRODUCT: Draft FAIR metadata specification X
4M.1.DEMO: Automatically Generated Jupyter Notebook Reports for RNA-seq Data Analysis X
4M.2.DEMO: FAIRness assessment: Demonstration X X
4M.3.DEMO: APIs: Portable workflow w/2+ stacks X X X
4M.5.DEMO: TEST: TopMed Open Sandboxes X
4M.1.FULLSTACKS: Richer metadata and identifiers from KCs X X X
4M.2.FULLSTACKS: Incorporate KC Stds M4 X X X X
4M.3.FULLSTACKS: Pilot Users Onboarded X X X X
4M.4.FULLSTACKS: Cross-stack Compute X X X X
4M.1.PRODUCT: FAIR reporting assessment tool X
4M.3.PRODUCT: Namespace Service X
5M.1.DEMO: Registration: Single Shared Signon for stacks and data access X X X
5M.3.DEMO: Data Analysis: User adds data; workflow; harmonize with repository X X X X
5M.1.FULLSTACKS: Incorporate KC Standards M5 X X X X X
5M.2.PRODUCT: Draft Plan for 4-year Data Commons X X X X X X X
5M.3.PRODUCT: V1 Use Case Library X X X
5M.4.PRODUCT: Draft Policy:Restricted Data Access; Derived Data Mgt X
5M.5.PRODUCT: Draft External User Engagement Plan X
5M.6.PRODUCT: Object GUID Services X X X X
5M.6.PRODUCT: Resolver Service X
5M.7.PRODUCT: Draft report on Blockchain Applications for DCPPC X
5M.8.PRODUCT: Centillion X
5M.9.PRODUCT: Internal Website for DCPPC X
6M.1.DEMO: Registration: Display audit trail for access to restricted data X X X
6M.2.DEMO: Data Analysis: Run scalable; cost-controlled analysis for data enrichment X
6M.3.DEMO: STRETCH: Data Analysis: Multi-cloud (2 stacks) compute with consortia data and novel data by user permission X X X
6M.4.DEMO: STRETCH: Data Analysis: Share and retrieve analysis results across stacks (2 stacks) X X X
6M.5.DEMO: MetaAPI: Deployed across selected APIs in consortium X
6M.6.DEMO: Search KC7 metadata instance and transfer search results to full stack analysis pipeline X
6M.7.DEMO: Core metadata access for MODs data X
6M.8.DEMO: Multi-cloud; multi-resolver GUID creation and resolution X X X
6M.1.FULLSTACKS: Refined User Flows across full stacks X X X X
6M.2.FULLSTACKS: STRETCH: Data produced across FS's and used in other FS's (2 stacks) X X X X
6M.3.FULLSTACKS: Overview of Common APIs supported by Full Stacks X X X X X
6M.5.FULLSTACKS: Plan for additional user training and engagement X X
6M.6.FULLSTACKS: User Interviews X
6M.7.FULLSTACKS: Broader User Engagement (in collaboration with KC9) X
6M.7.PRODUCT: Final report on Blockchain Applications for DCPPC X
6M.8.PRODUCT: DCPPC Video Interviews X
6M.9.PRODUCT: RFC: Target user audience X
6M.10.PRODUCT: RFC Use Case Library structure X
6M.11.PRODUCT: API Cross-platform test plan and test library X
6M.12.PRODUCT: Stage 1 Metadata Instance X X