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Internal workshop resources and review

Authors: Rayna Harris, Team Copper (PI: Brown/Zaranek)

Contact point: C. Titus Brown

Links: Workshop webpage and post-workshop assessment webpage

Tags: KC9, workshops, f2f, community

During Phase I, Team Copper organized monthly face-to-face workshops with the goals of building community, facilitating planned and serendipitous collaboration across teams, and surfacing hidden issues around technical and conceptual interoperability. Based on feedback from surveys and personal communication, the workshops were overwhelmingly successful at accomplishing all three goals. Workshops have become oversubscribed, and finding rooms large enough to accommodate the demand was a challenge. While the informal workshop style with breakout group topics determined the week of the workshop works very well for some consortium members, others have requested more advance notice to help prioritize their attendance. An additional challenge was finding the optimal balance between a structured and unstructured agenda for the meetings to facilitate planned and unplanned collaboration. Future plans for external outreach include hosting webinars and producing more video interviews about the goals and accomplishments of the DCPPC. Below is a collection of images that showcase workshop announcements, attendance patterns, and post-workshop assessment results.