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Webinar: Intro to the Data Commons

Webinar: Intro to the DCPPC

Authors: Teams Copper, Phosphorus and Sodium

Contact point: Michelle Giglio


Tags: KC9, Webinar

The first in a series of planned webinars, this event provided an introduction to the NIH Data Commons and showcased some of the initial products of the consortium. The goal of this webinar was to “soft launch” some of the DCPPC tools and resources to an audience of both consortium members and external non-members in order to receive feedback that could inform further development. There were four presentation segments in the webinar: Owen White gave an overview of the DCPPC and NIH Commons; Avi Ma’ayan and Daniel Clarke presented a demonstration of FAIRShake; Charlotte Whicher and Alison Leaf showcased FAIR4CURES and the Repositive Discover platform; and Sarala Wimalaratne gave an introduction to Global Unique Identifiers. At peak attendance, there were 95 people connected to the webinar. The event was recorded and has been placed on the DCPPC YouTube channel. Additional webinars will be held as the project continues.