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Webinar: Intro to GUIDs

Webinar: GUIDs

Authors: Teams Copper, Phosphorus and Sodium

Contact point: Michelle Giglio


Tags: KC9, Webinar, Minids, GUIDs, Identifiers

The second in a series of planned webinars, this event provided an in-depth look at the work of the Key Capability 2 (KC2) group on Global Unique Identifiers. There were four presentation segments in the webinar:

  • Martin Fenner on DataCite DOIs
  • Sarala Wimalaratne on Compact IDs
  • Kyle Chard on Minids and ARKs
  • Zachary Flamig on Data GUIDs.

At peak attendance, there were 45 people connected to the webinar. The event was recorded and has been placed on the DCPPC YouTube channel. Additional webinars will be held as the project continues.