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Centillion: Data Commons Search Engine

Centillion: a search engine for the Data Commons community resources

Authors: Charles Reid (Team Copper; PI: Brown/Zaranek)

Contact point: C. Titus Brown


Tags: KC9, search, federation, community.

Many Data Commons resources are hard to discover: many are access restricted and they are distributed across multiple platforms (GitHub, email, and Google Drive). Consortium members were spending more time looking for files than actually working on them. In response, we built centillion, a search engine to facilitate discovery of relevant documents! centillion is a search engine for Google Drive files, Google Drive documents, Github issues, Github files, and e-mails from the DCPPC Community. In the future, centillion will be expanded within the Data Commons ecosystem and integrated with other Data Commons services. Eventually, centillion will be released as an open-source search engine project that other consortia will be able to use for their own projects.

centillion landing page