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Journal of Interactive Notebooks (JOIN)

The Journal of Interactive Notebooks (JOIN)

Authors: Kevin Moses, Denis Torre, Avi Ma’ayan (Team Nitrogen, PI: Ma'ayan)

Contact point: Avi Ma'ayan


Tags: KC1, Notebooks, Publishing, Jupyter, MyBinder, Binder, Digital Print, Interactive Visualization

Interactive notebooks are powerful tools that can be used for implementing reproducible research, enabling the reuse of computational analysis methods and encouraging collaborations. While the volume of interactive notebooks has been steadily increasing, there are currently few efforts to collate, review and publish these notebooks as bona fide publications. Here we introduce the Journal of Interactive Notebooks (JOIN), an online repository for curated interactive notebook publications combining traditional print and online biomedical research press with interactive notebooks. JOIN notebooks require metadata about the authors/generators, an abstract, references, and methods, as well as meet other strict FAIR guidelines. The notebook offers machine-readable code, interactive figures, and markup text. Each notebook can be launched interactively in the cloud using Binder, or can be statically viewed with nbViewer. Notebooks in JOIN are clustered into themed collections based on common keywords. Soon authors will be able to submit their own notebooks for publication in JOIN and these publications will be minted with CrossRef DOIs upon acceptance. JOIN is freely accessible from: