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Final Blockchain Report

Towards a Sustainable Commons: The Role of Blockchain Technology

Authors: Team Oxygen

Contact point: C. Titus Brown

Links: Final Report

Tags: KC6, blockchain, security, provenance.

The Commons needs a method to record transactions for the purposes of ascertaining digital object provenance, authorized use of data and tools, and proper attribution and incentives. Currently in the Commons, every compute environment/stack has a log of its own transactions that happen within its “walls.” The contents of the logs from each compute environment/stack may be different since they may not have initially been designed to interoperate. Even if they were interoperable, an entity would need to combine multiple logs from multiple entities.

We propose a distributed ledger infrastructure for the Commons, where researchers perform transactions, and permissioned nodes can build blocks that are mounted into a Commons log or ledger, i.e., to a blockchain — a sequence of blocks of transactions chained in a way that makes the chain immutable, and is available to all in a way that makes the chain transparent and easy to verify.